“With the goal of providing the most comprehensive service, we provide each client with solutions tailored exclusively to meet its needs”

Customs Services

  • Permanent and temporary importation services
  • Permanent and temporary exportation services
  • Special Processes:
    Local transit of shipment
    International transit of shipments
  • Active and Passive Improvement
  • Technical unit
  • Administrative matters and claims
  • Online customs system and real-time monitoring of loading

Land Transport

  • Import/export systems)
  • Less than truckload (LTL) and full truckload (FTL) shipping       throughout Central America, Mexico and Panama
  • Handling of dry, refrigerated and hazardous cargo
  • Fleet of trucks and vans
  • Insurance coverage of cargo
  • Electronic labeling
  • Transport vehicles with GPS
  • Anti-drugs security policies
  • Over-sized and overweight loads

Air Transport

  • Licensed member of IATA
  • Handling of dry goods, controlled temperature, live animals and hazardous cargo
  • Global alliances
  • Ground handling agents

Maritime Transport

  • NVOCC license with global coverage
  • Consolidated load (LCL) and full container load (FCL)
  • Dry and refrigerated goods
  • Compliance with standards and operating procedures (S&OP)
  • Origin and destination forwarding
  • Handling of dangerous goods
  • Break-bulk cargo and car carriers

Bonded and General Warehouses

  • Strategic location
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation
  • Management and administration of inventories
  • Packaging
  • 24-hour surveillance cameras, BASC certified
  • Handling of heavy equipment and oversized cargo
  • Placing products on pallets in accordance to specifications
  • Bonded and general warehouses for dry goods and with temperatures from 6 C to 25C for cold and frozen goods
  • Management and administration of inventories with WMS
  • Picking
  • Labeling
  • On-site Maquila Drawback (on site light processes ilike repackaging)
  • Promotional repackaging and relabeling
  • Control of documentation


  • Cross-Dock Services
  • Local distribution and routing
  • Transport vehicles with GPS

Project Logistics

  • Handling of heavy and oversized equipment
  • Transport modalities: air, sea and land
  • In-land services
  • Transportation engineering

Port / Maritime Services

Care and management of:

  •   Cargo, liner and charter ships
  •   Passenger ships (cruise and pleasure boats)
  •   Complementary services (husbandries)
  •   Special handling (Break Bulk)
  •   Advice, support and review of port charges
  •   Checking and filling out Port log
  •   24/7 attention
  •   Transfers
  •   Coordination of hotel reservations
  •   Evacuations and medical emergencies
  •   Garbage, sludge and bilge water collection
  •   Drinking water, food and fuel supplies
  •   Repatriation of crew/immigration procedures
  •   Loading and shipping by courier.
  •   Hiring of crew
  •   Nationalization and re-exportation of air and sea cargos
  •   Coordination with tour operators
  •   Special permits and requests