“With a vision directed at providing the best service, we approach each client with solutions designed exclusively for their needs”

Information Technology

In HA Logistics , we consider technology and development systems as business strategy and strength.

Our internal systems are built to provide efficiency and functionality to our staff, allowing us to offer exceptional customer service and a competitive price.

EDI Integration
We recognize the importance of electronic data interchange to increase productivity and the development of a paperless environment between our customers and service providers.

Our EDI document imaging capabilities provide real-time visibility, increase data accuracy, eliminate document re-entry information, and provide standard communications with business partners.


  • EDI interface with the customs system.
  • EDI client interface.
  • Real-time visibility.
  • Accuracy of the data.


Intelligent Real-Time Information System, A unique platform that permits tracking shipments in real time

On-line system for Customs and for monitoring embarkations in real time